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There are a few things that can put you in a really bad mood including special foods.

Foods that have a negative impact on your mood when shopping MiiM women’s shoes & boots in 2021


The quality of the meat is decisive and influences your mood. Not only the thought of factory farming can spoil your mood, but it is the antibiotics with which the pigs are fed. This in turn affects your MiiM women’s shoes & boots in 2021 shopping mood and health. In addition to being in a bad mood, the animals’ feed can also be responsible for migraines and joint problems.


Margarine is an industrially manufactured spreadable fat that serves as a substitute for butter and lard. However, fats are used in the production that promotes inflammation and also contains a high proportion of omega-6 fatty acids. The result is that your insulin levels are influenced by what contributes to your good mood being inhibited.

Potato chips

A delicious snack that puts you in anything but a good mood. The potatoes are fried in oils that also contain omega-6 fatty acids. These fatty acids ensure that the omega-3 fatty acids, which normally increase your mood and are responsible for driving your brain, are inhibited and thus cannot take on their usual function. If you don’t want to have chips in front of the TV in the evening, but want to forego the bad mood afterwards, you can easily prepare the potato snack yourself at home. There are special hot air fryers that do not use any fat at all.


Migraines, faintness attacks and heartburn. The flavoring substances contained in the packaged and salted peanuts can have unpleasant side effects that severely affect your mood. On the other hand, nuts that have a high content of omega-3 fats are optimal, such as walnuts, almonds or Brazil nuts, which are also particularly healthy, provide you with sufficient vitamin E and promote the performance of your brain.

Pumpkin seeds

Here, it is mainly the industrially processed kernels that are the little villains that put your good mood on the run. The reason is the treatment with the preservative potassium bromate, which is used when processing the kernels. This substance ensures that your thyroid can no longer adequately absorb iodine. The result is that your iodine levels are imbalanced and the thyroid can no longer function properly. What is serious is that, among other things, the thyroid has a great influence on your mood.