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Clothing and food are basic needs. Yet the relationship between fashion and food has long been considered complicated. In the meantime, both have become an expression of the way of life and the basis of good business. This is one of the reasons why people are into fashion write for us site these days.

Food and drinks: Greatest enemy of fashion in the past

In the past, food was fashion’s greatest enemy. Because food was the same calorie intake and thus in the most catastrophic case, one clothing size more.

Fortunately, those times are over because today good food is in fashion. Fashion and gastronomy, both are worlds in which society sees top people as artists. But not only that fashion and food are now both among the fine arts of this earth, the once opposing poles are also getting closer and closer.

So, Prada is offering finger food in the colours of the collection for the presentation of its collection. On the other hand, Chanel is moving its catwalk straight to a supermarket.

The line between food and fashion is blurring

This is eaten up by people’s curiosity for new, different and creative things. From food to fashion – that is, to go the other way around with the idea of ​​packing dishes on clothes. Anyone who pays attention to craftsmanship and beauty in fashion will soon end up with good food is the unanimous agreement in fashion and gastronomy. There is a mixture in the world of fashion and food.

Beautiful and tasty come closer

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Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. There is no better way of summarizing the relationship between the fashion world and food in general.  The two worlds have a lot in common. Food and clothing are basic needs that become luxury goods in affluent societies. Human beings cultivate one like the other in order to then consume it. In recent years, they have become closer and closer or even fertilize each other.

Today, fashion brands see themselves as all-around providers who offer the right product world for every situation.

After all, people cook less to increase sales of five-pound biscuits, but rather to sell more fashion and accessories. While online business continues to boom, fewer and fewer people go to the huge flagship stores or spend significantly less time there.