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Is your kitchen too small or now too old? Does it no longer meet your requirements? If you want to replace your old kitchen with a new one, it means more or less a lot of work. In addition to the planning, some preliminary work has to be done, such as dismantling the old kitchen and possibly renovating the kitchen space. We will show you which planning and work steps need to be taken into account and how everything will go smoothly with your kitchen renovation.

For DIY, You would need more planning and power tools

It is also in your planning stage that you will have to decide if you are going to do the renovation yourself or hire professionals to do the work for you. If you are going to do it yourself, you have to make sure that you have the right tools to do the job.

With powerful and reliable power tools such as cordless screwdrivers, drills, or the best compound miter saw, you can do a lot of work in next to no time. The focus is on resilience, power development and durability as well as the optimal use of electricity with high performance and thus minimal operating costs.

Planning renovation for your kitchen

Before planning your new kitchen, think about what you no longer like about your old one. Is it just the outdated design? Is it the outdated electrical appliances? Or do you also bother larger things such as the lack of storage space or the too small work surface? If your kitchen has been behind for a few years, it may be that, on the one hand, it is far from today’s standard of appliances and cabinets.

On the other hand, it may be that it does not meet ergonomic aspects, which become more important the older you get. It is best to make a list of the points that you do not like about your kitchen before your first consultation with a kitchen specialist.

The first step in your planning

Knowing what you don’t want is now your time to focus on what you want. There are various styles, designs and colors to choose from for your kitchen. Look around the Internet, magazines and catalogs and gather ideas for planning. The first appointment with a kitchen advisor usually brings clarity about what the new kitchen should look like. Using your list, the professional can determine the ideal kitchen shape and plan the work zones so that your new kitchen optimally suits your needs. When the kitchen consultant comes to your house, he can take the spatial conditions into account for the kitchen conversion. He can then also assess whether an enlargement of the kitchen space or an open solution is possible if you want more space.

Be specific in your kitchen planning renovation

Now that your wishes have been specified, you know what your new kitchen should look like and the spatial conditions have been taken into account, the concrete planning can begin. In this phase, you should also clarify whether you only want to undertake simple renovation measures such as repainting the walls or whether more complex renovation measures are necessary for your dream kitchen, such as laying cables or even a wall breakthrough. You can possibly do simple work yourself; you should hire professionals for electrical and water installations as well as for tile, painting and plastering work. Get offers and possible dates for carrying out the kitchen renovation from the craftsmen in good time so that there are no delays.

Dismantling and renovating

When to start renovating the kitchen space depends on the amount of work. If you just want to repaint the walls, you can schedule the renovation right before the new kitchen is due for delivery. However, the more work steps you plan, the earlier you should start. Especially when you commission several craftsmen, for example for painting, laying the floor or the installations, their work must be coordinated. Better to plan a little more time. Experience has shown that most jobs take longer than you think.

Before you can start with the renovation work, of course, the old kitchen must be dismantled. The disposal of the cupboards and old electrical appliances must also be organized. If the kitchen is still usable, you can offer it for sale. However, you should also start selling early, ideally as soon as it is clear when your new kitchen will be delivered. A buyer is not always found straight away. If cabinets and electrical devices are to be disposed of, take them to a communal collection point such as a recycling center.