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Now many people go to cafes and restaurants, if not every day, then once a week for sure. One of the key factors that everyone pays attention to when choosing a place is music. What should it be for everyone to feel good?

Be careful with the top charts

Music playing from every iron is more likely to scare away visitors and drive your staff crazy than increase sales. People come to the restaurant to relax, eat, chat.

Avoid Frequent Repetitions

This point is especially important for the employees of your establishment. Just think, they spend at least eight hours at work, if your playlist repeats every two hours, how many times will the bartender listen to the same melody per shift?

You need to select such a number of tracks so that they do not repeat during the day, or the interval between repetitions is at least five hours. For example, for a round-the-clock establishment, the minimum number of tracks is 350, and the next day they must be swapped, and it is better to include new ones.

Plan your playlist based on the person’s rhythms

All people live based on their biological rhythms. Of course, they are all different, but your task is to please the majority. For example, you have a restaurant that is open from seven in the morning until late at night. In the morning they come to you for breakfast – the music should be cheerful, but not intrusive, it should charge people with a good mood.

At lunchtime, employees of the nearest offices come to you, they have business negotiations, business calls continue – the music should play quieter, be as calm as possible, in the background. For dinner, they come to you to relax, chat with friends – it’s time for a variety of music that fits into the format of your café .

Stick to your chosen style

Music is the weapon of your business. It can work for good, and maybe harm. You shouldn’t try to please someone alone and change the playlist to suit the tastes of the chef or bartender. Frequent style changes will destroy the overall sound of your restaurant. Confuse the staff, break the entire chain of customer associations. Convert it to mp3, mp4 with.

For example, the Starbucks coffee chain has long been associated with jazz music. If suddenly they decide to change their style, and hits from the top charts start playing in the café, many will be unpleasantly surprised. And the Ollis pizza chain in St. Petersburg is building its own playlist on the lounge and pop-rock, attracting young people.

Use a good sound system

Bad sound will only interfere and work against you. It is also worth paying attention to the location of the speakers, it may be worth hanging them more so that the volume in the room is even.

Monitor the volume

Perhaps the most common complaint you can see in restaurant reviews is the music is too loud. One person absorbs about 0.3 dB on average. Don’t forget to keep track of at least the approximate number of guests in your restaurant and adjust the sound accordingly.

It is very important. If the music is too loud, it will be annoying and disturbing, but if it is too quiet, visitors may think that you are closing and rush to leave. When designing your restaurant, remember that you are not only concerned about the good mood of your customers and staff, but also increase your profits. Music is a business tool that must be used skillfully.