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Cooking foods for the family is among the best and most selfless things that you could do. If you are a gamer, that is even more of a sacrifice. The time and energy it needed to prepare and cook everything could be the same time that you are leveling up with your character. Especially if you are streaming to make money, every second count for your followers. But don’t let it worry you anymore because it’s now possible to buy Twitch viewers and have a consistent flow of audience to your channel.

Growing Twitch Viewers while Enjoying Awesome Foods

The best thing about buying Twitch viewers is that, it can help your channel to grow and reach more exposure.

Now, to ensure that you have enough energy to stream your gaming prowess, see to it that you have prepared wonderful dishes that’ll get you through the day.

Following are simple recipes that you can try and cook in few minutes.

Chicken Curry

Cut few pieces of chicken or perhaps, use premium chicken, all your preference. Put a packet of paste for the chicken curry with water. The next you have to do is follow its instructions as is. If you have a rice cooker, simply put the rice and water in it and let it do its thing. Otherwise, you may either buy a microwavable bag of rice or boil it. Mix the chicken curry and rice when it is fully cooked and enjoy. This recipe would take roughly 15 to 30 minutes.

Red Beans and Rice w/ Sausage

To do this, simply cut up sausage either into chunks or slices and put them in a pot with Zatarain’s. Follow the box’s instructions and once you added the ingredients to the pot, just wait for 10 to 15 minutes or play a quick game then come back and do a quick stir on it. Check the texture and taste and if it suits your palette, you’re good to go.

Spaghetti and Sauce

This one may be so old yet, it gets the job done! As you stream on your Twitch account, you can easily prepare your spaghetti and sauce in as little as 10 minutes. No need for complex recipes, just follow the instructions on the packaging and that’s it!