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Protein in science is called ordinary protein, so you should not be afraid of this word. A person receives this component every day from almost all the products that he consumes.

Protein is a building block. It consists of muscles, hair, organs, skin. The protein contains amino acids. The body regularly needs 21 types of amino acids, of which 8 the body cannot produce on its own. That is, these amino acids must be ingested along with food.

In the body, protein has at least nine functions. For example, solving problems of structural function, it gives shape to cells, affects the growth of hair and nails, and allows cartilage to work better. Protein helps to break down poisons and fight bacteria and viruses, so it realizes itself in the protective function of the body. Thanks to the protein hemoglobin, oxygen and carbon dioxide are transported in the body.

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Helping your body function healthy is easy. It is enough to consume 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight daily. Anyone who is actively exercising requires 1.5-2 grams of protein per kilogram. Protein is directly involved in muscle building, so you need to increase its intake during active training. Add protein shakes to your diet to make it easier to reach your daily allowance. They help diversify the daily menu and become a delicious way to get protein.

Will protein make the average person fit?

Not. Bodybuilders go to their results with months of intense training and weeks of adherence to special diets. And it is in such a combination. Without adding to the strength training regimen, protein will not contribute in any way to muscle growth. The body will continue to break down this nutrient into amino acids and send them for transport, defense, and other functions.

At the same time, the muscles will not change even if the diet consists of 100% protein-rich foods and protein shakes. Protein only promotes muscle growth during training. And that’s not everyone. We wrote here in more detail about how muscle growth occurs and how protein is involved in it.

Who should take protein shakes and how?

Anyone can consume protein and protein shakes. Including children. An exception is individual intolerance to the product. It can be drunk for weight loss, building a relief, and also as a low-calorie alternative to the usual snacks. Contrary to popular belief, there is no “best” time to consume protein or any other ingredient. The body is smart enough and itself can determine exactly how much and what component it needs right now, and how much can be digested later. Therefore, you can eat it or drink it in cocktails at any time.