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For many people, eating in front of the television is pure relaxation. Pushing the switch out of sheer loneliness and satisfying your hunger with a frozen pizza – nobody has anything against that. However, if you eat while watching iptv, you are not aware of the amount eaten. So there is a high risk of overeating than you need to.

In many households, the television is in the same room as the dining table, and in many families, the television is on while eating.

Some have lunch in front of the television so as to “not waste time”. Unfortunately, these habits, so deeply anchored in today’s society, have negative consequences.

Eating in front of the TV: Negative effects on children

Children, in particular, suffer from the consequences of eating in front of the television, which is common in many families. You can name the main effect of being overweight. A study in the United States came to this conclusion.

Affected children are more inclined to eat foods that are high in fat and sweets, and that means consuming more calories. In addition, in front of the television, they do not notice when they are full because they are too busy.

There is no longer any doubt that eating in front of the TV leads to weight problems. Therefore, you should avoid this habit around the house.

Side effects of eating in front of the TV

Do you often have a snack or dinner while watching your favourite program? Unfortunately, this is not very recommendable.iptv

Experts recommend not doing both activities at the same time. Adults, like children, suffer from the same side effects.

Watching TV does not pay attention to the feeling of satiety because the brain focuses on other things.

In front of the television, you relax and recover from everyday routines and problems. When immersed in a fictional world, people often overeat without even realizing it.

Change your habits and don’t take food with you in front of the TV. If possible, reduce your TV time as well. Always eat in the kitchen or dining room, but never in front of the TV.

There is nothing better than talking about the day with your family or partner at the table or sharing this moment with the children.