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A smoothie is a delicious means to lose weight healthily. The right ingredients however is a prerequisite.

Smoothies are vitamin bombs and contribute to a healthy diet. But weight loss is not that easy because not every smoothie is suitable for losing weight.

Smart Shopper USA slimming smoothies: Ingredients and preparation

You can actually lose weight with the right smoothie. Smart Shopper USAReplacing a meal with it every day will save you a few calories provided your drink does not have more calories than what you would have otherwise eaten. If you always buy smoothies with TSC then check glance intuit for their survey and save.

Another advantage over chicken curry or pasta is that you don’t fall into food oblivion after drinking it. Ā Instead, you are more alert and feel fitter.

A smoothie is also suitable as a healthy snack in between. But then it should contain little fruit and no longer have 200 kcal.

It is also important that you mix the right smoothie. It should not only contain vegetables and fruits but also ingredients that fill you up. These are foods that contain fibre and ingredients that are high in protein. Good fats also help your body to properly absorb all of the vitamins.

These are the best ingredients for a weight loss Smart Shopper USA smoothie

Your smoothie should be based on green leafy vegetables like leaf spinach, kale or lamb’s lettuce. Fruit like banana, strawberries, blueberries or orange provides flavour.

Now you can add a few extra ingredients that are high in fibre. You can add healthy fats and protein so that the smoothie will keep you full for a long time. In addition, the level of your blood sugar will not abruptly rise after drinking. This keeps against food cravings.

The following ingredients are suitable:

  • Flax or chia seeds
  • Cereal flakes, e.g. oat flakes, soy or quinoa flakes
  • Low-fat yoghurt or cottage cheese
  • Protein powder
  • Avocado

How to prepare a weight loss smoothie? Smart Shopper USA

Of course, there is still liquid in the blender. If you want to save a lot of calories, it’s best to use water. Your smoothie will be creamier with a coconut or almond drink. What is important for plant drinks is that they should be unsweetened.

Instead of fatty coconut milk, coconut water is suitable. Cold ginger-lemon tea is also perfect for mixing a green smoothie.