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Bad diets and poor nutrition can have a harmful effect on standard workers and builders: compromising their morale, security, efficiency, and long-term health, as per the article by the  International Labor Organization, which studied the impacts of inadequate nutrition on workers. As per the report, the yearly economic value of obesity to companies in the U.S is approximately 12 billion.

Your body has to function hard work it transforms into your calories for fuel. This is why you must know the variation between healthy carbohydrates, such as brown rice, full-grain pasta, and beans, and harmful carbohydrates, such as sugar or potatoes.


Breakfast is the most powerful meal of the day and the best time to eat a lot of good carbohydrates prior to going on-site. There are several foods out there implying that they are 100% normal and low in fat, but likelihoods are a lot of these are also rich in sugar. Below are few healthy breakfast recommendations best for manual laborers and builders:

  • Avocado and peach porridge, which is high in good carbs and protein and give you a boost in energy levels a much-needed kick.
  • Scramble egg, spinach, and toast with one banana.
  • A healthy smoothie particularly produced to boost energy levels.
  • Gluten-free protein foods.


Furthermore, this doesn’t mean you take a journey to the local deli to get a roll and a packet of bits, it can be more than that:

  • Any kind of food that is rich in tuna full of good protein
  • A chicken, turkey, or tuna bread
  • A chicken club lunch roll
  • Two chicken fillets In yummy Cajun gravy and brown rice


For dinner, it’s regularly great to have a winning blend of both protein and healthy carbs. Operating as a manual worker, commercial plumber or contractor can be tough, hard work, that’s why you have to make sure you eat a satisfying meal that can fulfilll your dietary needs:

  • Pan-roasted fish
  • Steak, salad, and brown rice or healthy pasta
  • Almond-enriched halibut and green curry.
  • Roasted chicken breast including a garlic and tomato gravy, spinach and green seeds