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The secret of a good homemade pizza lies mainly in two things. These are using the right ingredients and baking the pizza at the right temperature.

Making your own pizza starts with the right pizza dough

You can do your best to make a pizza at home, but if you really want to get off to a great start, use quality flour for delicious pizza dough. Really good pizza dough ensures an airy and crispy pizza crust. In addition, it has a wonderful taste and smell. By using high-quality pizza flour you have already taken a very big step. With good pizza dough, you can create a crispy fresh pizza crust.

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Fresh tomato sauce: Which tomatoes do you choose and how is it made?

If you want to prepare an authentic tomato sauce, you need real pizza tomatoes. A good tomato sauce is a basis for a delicious pizza. Plum tomatoes are best for a pizza sauce. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough of this tomato to supply the whole world with pizza sauce, so use plum tomatoes. This variety of tomato is best used for its light colour, gelatin surrounding the seeds, and thick skin. There is little moisture in it and almost no seeds.

What’s the best cheese for your pizza?

If you really want to make a pizza like the Neapolitans do, opt for the high-quality Fior di Latte pizza cheese. This cheese is essential for a real Neapolitan pizza. If you only want the best ingredients for your pizza, use this cheese. The high degree of melting, the firm body and the delicious taste have made the Fior di Latte a favourite of many pizza makers in Italy for many years.

Complete the pizza with your own toppings

A pizza isn’t truly yours until you top it with the toppings you like. Do you opt for vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes or onions? Of course, the meat must not be missing.

Bake your pizza in a real pizza oven for the best results

A pizza oven quickly gets hot between 400 and 500 degrees. For this reason, too, most conventional ovens are not really suitable for baking a fresh pizza. A pizza oven offers a solution. With a wood or gas pizza oven, you can reach temperatures that are ideal for baking a fresh Italian pizza. With a wooden pizza, the type of wood you choose can even affect the taste of the pizza. The crispy crust with small burnt edges and nice air bubbles in the dough sounds good. With a pizza oven and stove part accessories, you can bake the most delicious homemade pizzas.