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Any person who drinks alcohol loses water and salts, so these reserves should be replenished right away. Better still not to let it get that far in the first place. Because if your head is throbbing with pain, your stomach rebels and your circulation is on a roller coaster, you will not be happy the next day. However, you can take precautions. What the body needs are carbohydrates, salt, and enough fluids. People who will work the next day or those who work round the clock such as plumber in bristol should replenish their body energy before going to work.

Five dishes that can help cure a hangover

  1. Miso soups

They are fluid. They are hot. They provide amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Japanese miso soups are not so popular in Japan and other Asian countries just for nothing.

  1. Cheese, cheese, cheese

Get to gratin. That could be gratinated rolls with bacon, pickles, garlic, and tons of cheese or a cheese pizza. Pasta in all variations is also delicious, as long as enough parmesan or mozzarella is sprinkled on top.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are real energy suppliers and the best hangover food ever. Whether breakfast egg, fried egg, scrambled eggs, poached egg, egg salad, or Eggs Benedict, everyone who wants to replenish their carbohydrates has their secret favorite.


  1. Bacon

Bacon is an all-rounder. It not only tastes great with eggs but also with sweet dishes such as French toast. For this purpose, debarked white bread slices are soaked in a mixture of milk, eggs, sugar, and vanilla and then baked in the fat. There is also powdered sugar, maple syrup, and lots of crispy fried bacon.

  1. Pickles and other kinds of preserves

Pickles and other kinds of preserves are exactly the right things against the hangover. Whether pickles, oily sardines, artichokes, olives, hearty chutneys or mixed pickles – they all make the morning afterward more bearable.

The phenomenon of hangovers is of course represented worldwide. That is why there is a typical dish or food in every country that prevents the hangover or cures it at the latest after consumption.