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Recording video hasn’t been so simple or effortless. Everybody has a strong video camera in their pocket: a smartphone. With just a little practice and accessibility to some important hints, you – yes, even you can begin recording good footage, vlogging, or perhaps capture an indie movie or documentary with only your smartphone. You can also download great videos you see online through

Thus, in a bid that will assist you to catch whatever it’s that you need in the simplest way possible, Pocket-lint has rounded up ten hints. While some of the suggestions might appear obvious, after all of them ought to lead to an amazing video each moment.


Nothing destroys great footage such as using two black vertical bars across either side of your movie. To avert this amateur error, be certain you use landscape orientation rather than portrait orientation whilst recording – or put money into a smartphone such as that the Motorola Moto One Action that mechanically displays in landscape even if you hold your mobile phone in portrait mode.


Now that you are recording in the appropriate orientation. Fill the frame with your subject. It is also possible to place him or her or it marginally off-center to make a visually interesting spectacle. Just play around and see what looks best. Most mobile camera programs have the choice to allow gridlines in case you go in the camera configurations, where you’ve got horizontal and vertical grids on the display while shooting. The most popular monitoring tool is the rule of thirds, so if you allow a 3×3 grid on your camera program, you can line up the topic with one of those perpendicular third’ lines or utilize the horizontal lines to acquire the horizon line at the desired location.


Nothing is worse than electronic zoom – just ask any professional photographer. Happily, we are currently in an age where lots of the greatest smartphones arrive with a lossless or optical zoom, which permits you to zoom without sacrificing a lot (if any) of this detail.


We have seen those videos in which the topic has yellowish skin and reddish devilish eyes together with super dark wallpapers.  Smartphones, you notice, come equipped with LED lights that are too bright and can easily skew the color temperature of photographs. Additionally, the video will frequently still come out badly lit in the long run. If you would like to record a photograph at night, you are going to need to get another light source. Or, if your telephone has a night mode for shooting, you may even use this. For the movie, however, there are few phones out there that shoot excellent footage in low light.


There is something else you must bear in mind while considering lighting and flash generally: preventing backlit-settings. You might have the ability to observe individuals and their faces whenever they are backlit, but your smartphone usually can not and can output footage using a glowing light haloing a dim figure. That figure will even don’t have any visible attributes, meaning you missed whatever it was you’re trying to catch. Unless your phone has some very innovative HDR capacities, that is something that you really should keep your eye on.