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Food and Beverage Content On Instagram

Instagram is a very popular venue for different types of content. And one of the most popular content is dedicated to food and drink. In actuality, it has inspired an entirely new group of influencers.

Today, food reviews aren’t merely for restaurant critics as well as food magazines. With Instagram, whether you are a food critic, an influencer or not, you could now reach thousands of individuals multiple times daily with a swift and simple snap on their smartphone and posting it on their profile.

These days, a few Instagram posts could drive people to visit a restaurant or can make a certain dish famous. Instagram has become very influential, specifically amongst younger demographics, compared to other social media platforms like Facebook. There are over 800 million Instagram users where about half follow brands they like or admire, such as their favorite restaurant.

Photography Tips For Better Foo and Beverage Instagram Post

Below are some helpful photography tips for businesses in the food and drink industry (even people who would want to post content on food and drink) to make your post more appealing to your audience:

  • Focus or Put More Emphasis on the Food. It is a simple and basic tip, however many post blurry photos or photos that instead focus on the food give more emphasis on the tableware. Make sure your phone or camera is steady so it won’t shake, and your focal point should be close to the midpoint of the dish or on its most appealing detail, for instance, the inside part of a sliced layered cake.
  • Compose the Picture. Although Instagram already supports photos in vertical and horizontal form, the channel is still greatly square. Hence, make time to frame the photo. Give the rule of thirds a go. Think of yourself as a food stylist by arranging utensils, letting the ice cream melt a bit prior to taking a photo anything that you could to make your photo more creative.
  • Natural Light is Best. Natural light is best as it permits for nuances in a photograph that a flash from the phone doesn’t provide.  If the natural light is a bit much, filter it with thin curtains.

Check the video for more food and beverage photography tips for Instagram-worthy photos.