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The liquid is the most important thing in your daily diet. Only those who drink enough can stay healthy and productive. Small children should consume around 600 milliliters to 1 liter per day, school children around 1 to 1.5 liters.

Children who drink only seldom or little on their own must be reminded again and again by parents or educators and offered a drink. Of course, every meal also includes a drink. In addition, after playing video and mobile games or searching and buying diablo 2 items over the internet, children should drink water from time to time.


Which drinks are suitable?

The ideal thirst quencher is still water. Drinking water from the tap is particularly inexpensive and conveniently available at any time. Drinking water can also be easily transformed into sparkling water with a soda maker.


What are other recommended drinks?

Other recommended drinks are mineral and table water, juice spritzers in a ratio of 1: 3, and unsweetened herbal or fruit teas.

Special water for babies and small children is only recommended if the local water, for example from a house well, cannot comply with the values ​​for nitrates or if new copper pipes have been laid in the house.

With school children, you can also make your own suitable thirst quenchers with taste, but without sugar. To do this, the fruit is cut whole or in slices and placed in a carafe or bottle with fresh water.

Pure fruit juices are very sweet and high in calories due to the naturally occurring sugar and therefore not suitable as thirst quenchers. At best, they replace a serving of fruit.

How about cola, iced teas, fruit nectars and lemonades?

Lemonades, fruit nectars, iced teas or even cola are not suitable drinks. Occasionally consumed, they can be classified under the extras in the pyramid at the top. Small children shouldn’t consume cola and iced tea at all because of the caffeine content. Milk, cocoa and other mixed milk drinks have high energy content and are therefore more likely to be used as snacks between meals. They are also not suitable for quenching thirst.