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Searching the Internet for the most effective kitchen hacks to make your experience in cooking and serving meal for the family a lot better is a tedious task. You will end up reading and watching the same tired tips that are not really effective, especially for an ordinary kitchen. The good news is that you do not have to waste your money to buy additional kitchenware and expensive cooking ingredients. All you need to do is to find new ways and methods to prepare the daily meals.

Make Good Decisions In Preparing The Ingredients

You can start your journey to serving the best dishes with minimized kitchen clutter by preparing your ingredients wisely. For one, in peeling off the garlic skin, you can crush the cloves using the flat side of a knife. However, this seems impossible especially if you have other tasks to do with the other ingredients. In this case, you can use the microwave to make the peeling job easier for you. You can just put in the whole bulb of onion, let it heat inside the microwave for about five seconds and you will see the skin come off really easily.

When it comes to peeling ginger, you can use what you already have in the kitchen, specifically a teaspoon. Some people might invest in expensive kitchen tools to easily work their way around meal preparations, but you don’t have to do this all the time. With just the right skill, you can peel off and slice the ingredients of your salad using the same tool! Imagine that. You also have time to spare to practice your food photography skill after your work in the kitchen.

The most important thing of all is that you should know which of the dishes that you have inside your fridge can still be used for a whole new meal. This is just like recycling stuff in your house so that your household will not generate too much waste. The same is true when it comes to your kitchen. Find the time to look inside your fridge, and think about what you can cook using the same food that is stored for days.  This sounds like a great crime to check on but you will be impressed with the results of recycling your dishes!