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From good preparation to a sophisticated learning plan, nothing beats delicious snacks while playing and learning about. All the better if they also promote concentration and the ability to stay focused.

The top foods to concentrate on while playing


In order for the flow of information between cells and synapses to flow particularly well, you should drink enough liquid. Water keeps the mental performance stable. The brain fits even with better performance. The brain consists largely of water and needs to be constantly hydrated. Drinking a lot of water ensures that sufficient oxygen is transported and the brain can perform at its best.


Eggs naturally contain protein. Protein is particularly essential for the stimulation of nerve cells. It forms messenger elements that the brain needs to activate the grey cells. You need to activate the grey cells so that all possible tasks can be carried out in the body and the brain can perform an active function. You can use eggs can in many delicious recipes, so there is something tasty for everyone.


Vitamins are not only a significant part of daily nutrition but keep the grey cells fit as well. In particular, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries promote this signal transmission. You can wonderfully process berries into smoothies or combine them with oatmeal and quark.


Nuts are the classic trail mix. They contain loads of valuable and important active ingredients that help your brain. With omega-3 fatty acids, you can remember better and learn more easily. Amino acids support the nerve cells in communication and promote brain performance. At the same time, memory is strengthened. You can also concentrate better if you eat nuts.


The high nitrate content of carrots has a positive effect on brain performance. Nitrate is converted to nitrites and improves blood flow. As an outcome, more oxygen is transported to your cells and you become more effective. Carrot juice supports blood circulation. In addition, it helps against forgetfulness.


Broccoli is the fountain of youth for the brain. Vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances ensure mental fitness. These active ingredients ensure a supply of energy and stimulate the supply of oxygen to the nerve cells. Nerve cords are built up and strengthened thanks to vitamin C and vitamin B6. At the same time, these vitamins boost the metabolic exchange of protein building blocks.

A regular, fresh and balanced diet keeps your brain and body fit.