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A healthy diet strengthens the immune system, but nowadays, the use of vaporiser such as vapes and e-cigarettes had been very prominent due to various reasons. There are lots of people who think that vaporisers are good alternative to cigarette smoking. Meanwhile, there are some individuals who use vaporisers because of their desire to billow vapor cloud.

Moreover, vaporisers have good taste compared to the traditional smoking.

The good taste of vaporisers is due to the different e-juices available. It has hundreds of various flavors and some creative vaporiser users mix these flavors to produce brand new tastes. That’s why lots of vapers are finding ways to setup the best flavor for their vaporisers.

Strategies to Develop the Flavors of Vapor

Since vaporisers use had been too popular these days, many users want to develop new flavors out of the existing ones. Due to this, here are some tips and tricks on how to make a new and exciting flavor of the vapor.


Do not entertain the Vaper’s Tounge

The Vaper’s Tounge is also called as flavor fatigue which is frequently faced by most vaporiser users. This scenario happened after the prolonged use of vaporiser which will lead to the loss of its flavor eventually. In conjunction to this, enjoying other juices under the same flavor category may be troublesome. To prevent this from happening, try to change the flavor on a regular basis. In addition, you can also try to do a home palate cleansing strategy by sucking a lemon or sipping water prior to the use of vaporiser.

Consider the airflow position

Generally, the position of the airflow has a great impact to the flavors of e-juices. Most atomizers contain airflow holes located at the side of the heating coil. Yet, it is advisable to invest in an atomizer with under coil airflow which usually improves the taste and the flavor of vapor.                         


Opt for an increased amount of PG juice

Typically, vape juices have two main types of bases. These are the PG or the Propylene Glycol and the VG or the Vegetable Glycerin. Juices with high VG are very common to cloud-chasers; however the VG juice is not a good flavor carrier. On the other hand, juices higher in PG give the best vapor flavors. The average e-juice ration comes around 50% PG and VG e-juice bases. But, for better flavor, one may go after a higher PG concentration.