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From convection ovens to microwaves, there are many ways that allow us to cook special dishes. Even dishwashers these days can be an option for cooking. Find the best dishwashing machine (Beste vaatwasser van 2020) that can serve more than just cleaning dishes.

Indeed, a dishwashing machine that usually used to clean dishes can now be an option to cook foods. Surprising but it can be done. Many dishwashers emit enough heat that can actually cook many types of food. So why do this when you have the oven to cook. The answer is simple, it’s just because you can cook for fun. So here are foods that you can actually cook with a dishwashing machine.

5 Foods you can cook in your dishwasher

Asparagus. Steam asparagus in your dishwasher. It’s the best side dish that’s perfect for steaks and roasted chicken. Asparagus steam well in a dishwasher. For better flavor, add in a dash of salt and pepper. You can even add butter. Others have it with a slice of lemon. You can try other vegetables too like broccoli and carrots.

Potatoes. Clean potatoes in your dishwashing machine and cook them in it too. You can add spices for more flavor. Simply slice potatoes to an eighth inch, add in a bowl with spices. Seal potatoes with flavoring in an aluminum foil. Fold sides to make sure it’s sealed tight.

Lasagna. Try a more challenging dish. Lasagna is a perfect choice. You will need oven-ready noodles, sauteed ground meat, cheese, and sauce. Seal it in an aluminum container, seal with foil and position it at the bottom of the rack. Run your dishwashing machine to a normal cycle.

Salmon. Cooking salmon in a dishwashing machine has been done many times in the past. You don’t have to seal fish when cooking in a dishwashing machine. Here’s a quick video on how to cook salmon or any type of fish in your dishwashing machine.

Soft boiled eggs. You can have the perfect soft boiled eggs when cooked with your dishwashing machine. Just add eggs to a mason jar with water. Seal it. Set your dishwasher to the heaviest setting.

There you have it. five foods you can cook with your dishwashing machine. Have you tried any of these foods cooked in your dishwashing machine? Give it a try and have fun.