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Of course, food alone doesn’t work miracles. However, these can have a positive effect on losing weight and it is worth adding some foods to your diet more often. The recommendations of weight loss phoenix az doctors on diet, exercise and medication can help you get on the path to healthy change.

Doctors’ recommendation: Foods to help you lose weight


As a vegetable, seaweed is a tasty and healthy alternative to spinach, lettuce or kale. The superfood from the sea is full of vitamin C, B vitamins, fiber and iodine. In addition, the brown algae species Wakame even helps you lose weight. Those who include algae in their diet even inhibit fat absorption by up to 75%.

Green tea

Green tea helps you lose weight. This has already been proven by numerous scientific studies. The combination of valuable bitter substances from the polyphenol family and caffeine stimulate the metabolism and ensure that fat burning gets going. More specifically, the special combination of catechins and caffeine has a reducing effect on fat digestion and fat absorption in the stomach.

The valuable ingredients of green tea ensure not only a reduction in fat absorption in the stomach and intestines but also the inhibition of certain enzymes for fat absorption. In addition, the bitter substances contained in green tea reduce your craving for sugar. To support the diet, you can drink several cups of green tea a day.

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Grapefruit may taste bitter, but you should give the power citrus a chance. It’s packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals like calcium and magnesium. The superfood also helps with weight loss. If you eat half a grapefruit a day with all meals for 6 weeks, you will soon notice weight loss and a slimmer waist. The special combination of lots of vitamin C, the digestive fiber pectin, potassium and bitter substances makes grapefruit the ideal weight loss aid.


Buttermilk may sound a bit old-fashioned compared to many other superfoods. However, it is a natural slimming aid with many valuable nutrients. With only one percent fat content and just 35 kilocalories per 100ml, buttermilk is rightly considered a fitness drink. 100 ml contain a total of four grams of protein, which keeps you full for a long time and protects you from cravings for sweets. The buttermilk also contains valuable minerals. While calcium activates certain enzymes and hormones responsible for weight regulation, the high zinc content optimizes insulin release. Less insulin in the body means more fat burning. The healthy lactic acid bacteria also have a balancing effect on your intestinal flora.