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While many of us use jewelry every day, like our wedding ring, earrings, necklace, and watches, the Food Regulatory commission recommends not to wear any jewelry while handling food as stated in the rules of Industrial Hygiene in the Food Sector. So if you just bought a nice Butterfly Jewelry, you will want to remove this when preparing food in the industrial sector.

Can I wear jewelry when handling food for the family?

For necklaces and earrings, you can have them on while preparing family meals. But if you have a ring, a watch, or a bracelet, it would be best to take it off especially if you have to prepare the food by hand. For example, when kneading the dough or mixing vegetable salad by hand. Washing your hand is not enough so you will have to remove your ring or your watch to avoid contamination.

Food Industrial Hygiene – Jewelry is Not Allowed

What does industrial hygiene mean in the food company & why is hygiene at work important?

In the food sector, in particular, it is essential to maintain a minimum level of hygiene in the workplace. People in the food sector must wear suitable and clean work clothing and, if necessary, protective clothing, report communicable diseases, and avoid handling food in the case of infectious diseases. It is just as important not to wear jewelry when handling food, to cover up any wounds, and not to cough, sneeze or spit with open food. Legal requirements from the European Union, as well as national laws and regulations, serve as the basis for hygiene in the workplace.

Which protective clothing is used for industrial hygiene?

Every company in the food industry has regulations about what clothing should be worn and how it should be handled. If you do not know this, ask your speaker about it! You may only wear the respective protective clothing in the designated areas of the company and under no circumstances put it on at home. After all, nobody wants to have an open-jaw wound taken care of by a dentist who, for example, has fed and cared for his horses in the same white clothes during the lunch break! Eating in the canteen or visiting the smoking room should also not be done in work clothes. The changing room, which has a separation of street clothes and company clothes, is to be used for changing.